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BLOCKLORDS is the first online grand strategy game where players will fight for ultimate power against other lords in the realm. A unique MMO experience unlike any other previous game, players will have to use cunning and strength to reach the top of the medieval food chain! In this series, we will take a look at all the gameplay features that will be available when BLOCKLORDS launches. In this first article, we will be taking a look at heroes and how to get the most powerful hero of the realm as part of your army!

Your First Hero

Once you register your BLOCKLORDS account, a randomized hero will be created. This hero will have his own name, appearance, traits, and a set of 5 equipped items. This will be the first step on the path to greatness.

Hero Profile

The hero profile is where you will be able to access all of the relevant info for your heroes and deploy them on the battlefield. The profile contains a lot of information but here are the key elements to keep track of:

Stats determine everything from how battle prowess to how many troops a hero can command on the battlefield. The 5 stats are Intelligence (Affects Morale Recovery), Leadership (Affects Troop Limit), Speed (Hits Dealt per Turn), Attack (Damage Dealt per Hit), and Defense (Lowers Damage Taken per Hit). Each hero will start off with his own range of base stats, but can be improved by equipping items and certain traits.

Items are equipped by heroes and will improve stats accordingly depending on quality. The 5 types of items are Helmet (Boosts Intelligence), Armor (Boosts Leadership), Gauntlets (Boosts Speed), Weapon (Boosts Attack), and Shield (Boosts Defense). Items can be acquired in multiple ways, either crafted in the forge, bought in the shop or purchased from other players.

Traits are character perks earned at birth or through random events. Traits will give heroes modifiers for stats, troop stats, gained exp, shop discounts and much more! Traits cannot be changed by the player and are connected to the hero, so be sure to take maximum advantage of your hero’s traits to get an edge on the battlefield.

Titles are how your heroes will set themselves apart and rise through the ranks of power in BLOCKLORDS. Titles can be earned from completing tasks, participating in events, taking over territory and much more. Tasks will grant daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses in the form of resources, Lord Coins and even cryptocurrency that can be sold for real money!

Troops can be selected from the hero profile as well. There will be 14 different troop types to choose from with varying strengths and weaknesses. While troops will be recruited from the base, you can assign them to your heroes here.

Hero Recruitment

While the BLOCKLORDS journey starts with only one hero, players will soon be able to recruit more of them to join their ranks. There are several ways to acquire heroes within and outside of the game.

The Tavern is a city building players will be able to visit. Various heroes will be available and ready to join you in exchange for resources.

The Shop will periodically have limited edition heroes for sale. These heroes will be purchasable through LORDS, the in-game currency of the BLOCKLORDS universe.

Blockchain users will be able to Import their NFT heroes from the Ethereum network using the Matic Network gateway bridge. Likewise, heroes can also be Exported and sold for real money via NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Switching Heroes is a new feature that wasn’t available in previous versions of BLOCKLORDS is that players will be able to command multiple heroes on the battlefield at once. The left bar on the hero players will let you manage all of your heroes and decide which ones should be active or inactive. By using your various heroes and their troops according to the best strategic value, you will be able to use cunning tactical maneuvers to take control of the land!

This is just a glimpse at how heroes will work within the BLOCKLORDS universe. Be sure to follow to get all the latest updates as the game gets closer and closer to launching and ushering in a new era of incentivized gaming!

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