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3 years ago

Hello, this is the 'Crypto Sword & Magic' team, we hope you had a wonderful weekend.

We want to walk you through on how to start and play the game.

Initially, we want to go through how we can start and enter the world of 'Crypto Sword & Magic'. We designed the game for both web and mobile as we want more people to enjoy wherever they are. So, for this blog, we want to use examples using mobile versions.

Currently, we are planning to release our game on both Android and web versions. Also, we will fill you up on whether we will release it on the apple app store as well.

Are you ready ?!🤩

Accessing Game App🔒

After downloading the application from google play store in your mobile device, you will find below icon for 'Crypto Sword & Magic'.
Game Icon

Once you entered into the application, you will be directed to choose your wallet to log into the game and then the game landing screen.

The next step is where you can select one of three classes of hero. Let's take a look!!

Choosing your classes & Specialization🦸

You will find a page to choose from three heroes as shown below. The three hero classes that you can choose from are Fighter, Mage & Rogue.

As the launch date approaching, you may want to decide which hero to start your adventure with.

You can only choose one of the three and each hero is different in appearance, style, powers, and abilities, so choosing your class is much more than a cosmetic decision.

So you should be careful here!

But if you bought from pre-sale, you should have a better idea of which class to start~😄

Hero Class Selection

Before you proceed to the next stage, we would like to deep dive and go through some of the characteristics of the heroes and their specialization strategies.

Primarily, there are three basic occupations in the world of 'Crypto Sword & Magic'. But, there is another exciting feature in our game that we want to tell you about.

Once your hero passes muster in battle mastery, undergoing a myriad of battles and raking in magical artifacts, your hero will be qualified to develop to a new class more advanced and specialized.

There are two tracks for each of the three classes of heroes to specialize in.

Stay tuned — We will walk you through in detail on these specialization tracks!

These specializations will require you to devise new strategies on developing certain skills/attributes and gear up with items with more enhanced options, which will help you maximize the special ability of these new master classes.

According to an ancient legend, this is not the end. Among a few warriors who specialized, very few of them reach beyond this to the next level of classes. They were the very heroes who have vanquished and wiped out the world clear of these satanic evils. But we don't know that these classes actually exist. It is your job to find out if these epic classes exist.

First of all, fighters are massive, heavily-armed warrior born with nonpareil physical strength. Their brute strength renders them excellent command of the heavy weapons and towering shields, like Halbert, Sword. They were the vanguards of the heroic crew who vanquished the satanic evils during the ancient quest.

For seasoned fighters, there are two specialization tracks to choose from :

Berserker & Knight⚔️
  1. Berserker: when a fighter strengthens his physical attacking skills to the next level, they can be a berserker, a native warrior from a divine tribe.
  2. Knight: when a fighter strengthens his defense ability to the next level, he can be a knight, a champion of justice.
Secondly, a mage is another option. Mage is a small sorcerer who can wield arcane magic, manipulating space, time and mystic elements. By harnessing these magical forces, mages can deliver damages to multiple enemies at the same time. Also, some of them possess magical forces to heal and boost a reservoir of power.

After numerous battles, mages are given two specialization options to choose from
Archmage & Priest.📿
  1. Archmage: Mages can develop into archmage if they have specialized skills in broad-based magical attacks
  2. Priest: Mages can develop into a priest if they have mastered magical skills to heal and buff. Priests call upon the power of gods to protect, shield, heal and banish.
Last but not least is the Rogue. Rogues are incredibly mobile and agile warriors. Their speed, avoidance, and dexterity give them the advantage to conquer the evilest monsters. When they are armed with nimble armors and sharpened weapons like bow, they will play a major role in the quest to defeat the evil forces.

Just like fighter and mage, Rogue can specialize in two advanced classes:

Ranger & Assassin 🏹
  1. Ranger: Rogue with special skills in critical long-range attacks can be a ranger. Ranger can use long-range weaponry to shoot a fast and lethal bull's eye.
  2. Assassin: Rogue can choose to be assassin when they master avoidance and adroit stealth skills. They are trained to approach the enemy without being noticed and deliver lethal damage.
Now, did you make your mind which occupation to be?

Once you selected your class, you will see a screen like below. This screen outlines everything about your hero from ability, items equipped and even a cute pet.

For a novice hero, you won't have these fancy gears just yet. But you will make it through hard work and shrewd business acumen in the auction.

Hero page

Next, we will learn about how to participate in a battle with your chosen hero.

Choosing your battlefield

If you selected the class of your hero, you are ready to choose a battlefield.

From here, your hero will choose field type, difficulty levels, mercenaries for the “party play”. You can form a redoubtable avenger with these mercenaries to crush the monsters.

There are two major levers that you should consider in selecting the battlefield: Field Type and Difficulty Level
  1. Field type: You have chosen in the screen to enter into a field called “Forest 4” Besides this there are myriad of fields that you can choose in the world of 'Crypto Sword & Magic'
  2. Difficulty level: There are three difficulty levels in each battlefield. Easy, Normal and Hard, which will be shown as numbers of ⭐stars up to 3 (which is Hard⭐⭐⭐)
Once you have chosen a battlefield and difficulty, you will be able to see specific stats of the field of your choice.

Let's dive right into the specifics!!

You will see below 4 icons after any field selection.

Field Stats
  1. Field: Size of the battlefield.
  2. Skull: # of monsters that can appear in the battlefield
  3. XP: Your experience point after you cleared the field.
  4. Dice: The probability of item chest drop per monster
Now you know a bit more about the battlefields. It would be a whole lot of fun to choose an exciting battlefield, defeats the monsters and acquires great item chests.

Field Selection

Once you have decided your battlefield and mercenaries to enjoy your party play together, you can click the “START” button below.

Navigating in the Battlefields ⚒️

Welcome to the battlefield where you will conduct a bloody battle with heinous monsters. Let's deep dive and learn more about exciting adventure in the world of 'Crypto Sword & Magic' !!

Battle Field Navigation

Firstly after entering a battlefield, you will find the main screen where your party standing. Underneath the screen, there are remaining HP for the heroes displayed, Inventory in the middle and a field map🗺️ in the right-most part of the screen.

The chess-board like field map provides important pieces of information that guide you to the Gate-keeping monster (or “the Gatekeeper”). The Gatekeeper is shown as a flagged map 👹.

In the journey to the dungeon of the gatekeeper, you will encounter many perils.

Each part of the map is teeming with exciting adventures. Once you complete the exploration of a map, that part of the map will light up in green, a vestige of your combats.

Here are 5 possibilities that you can come by in each patch of land on the map.
  1. Gatekeeping monster👹: a mighty monster who guards the gate to clear the stage. Defeating this behemoth will not be easy but rewarding.
  2. Monster
  3. Healing shrine: heals your hero and mercenaries
  4. Boosting shrine: boost your ability: attack, defense, etc.
  5. Empty (No monster or shrine)
If your crew encountered monsters in the map, you will be moved to the battleground as shown below.
Let's take a peek into this battle play.


The upper section shows your crew facing enemy Orcs. The lower half shows your HP versus that of Orcs'. Either side who are exhausted of their HP will be defeated. If you are combatting a gate keeper, your goal is to deplete the monster's HP first, by which you can clear the stage.

Given that 'Crypto Sword & Magic' is a turn-based idle game, the ability of your hero and magical options in the items will play a pivotal role in the gameplay. It would be an astute strategy to form a well-balanced team combining magical power of mage, speed of rogue and might of fighter to strike a balance between powers and create synergy.

Also, there is a set probability of getting item chests from killing each and every monster. The acquired chests will be distributed at the end based on battle contributions of the crew members, even including the mercenaries.

Lastly, if you have succeeded in killing the gatekeeper, it means you have cleared the stage. Now, your crew can fully enjoy the victory and share the spoils: XP and item chests.

Below is the scoreboard which you will see after clearing a stage. We will walk you through how this works. Essentially, this dashboard breaks down your hero's contribution during the stage.

Right next to your hero, you will see three gauges. Each of these yardsticks in descending order, denote damage rendered, damage received and healing of colleagues. These three are used to compute the final “RANK” in the right. This “RANK” is then used to divide the spoils.

It looks like the mage mercenary was the winner of this stage ~!!

Field Cleared

Today, we have learned about how you can start the game, pick your hero, engage in battles and clear stage.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us via our communities. We are always here to help! :)

Thank you for your support!

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