'Crypto Sword & Magic' Hero Abilities Introduction


3 years ago

Today, we want to cover important parts of the 'Crypto Sword & Magic' World — The Hero Abilities. 'Crypto Sword & Magic's sophisticated item economy enables users to raise abilities in their own ways.

Previously, we have covered that there are 4 basic abilities that become the foundation for the other secondary abilities.


And what makes us tick is that they all work differently between each class, even including advanced classes. This information will give you a better idea of which item option is important for your hero.

Let's walk through one by one based on each class.

Fighter ⚔️

Fighters are an ancient warrior born with the strength and mighty defenses. They are versatile warriors using both one-hand and two-hand weaponaries. They often use shields to fight off the monstrous attacks. Their strength derives from their strength, among many others.

Fighter Abilities

Mage ✨

Mage is magical heroes born to harness massive elemental forces and magical spells. Their strength derives from their intelligence, among many others.

Mage Abilities

Rogue 🏹

Rogue is a nimble killing machine, versed in using archery and assassins' weaponaries. Their strength derives from their dexterity, among many others.

Rogue Abilities

Advanced Classes

Berserker ⚒️

Berserkers are mighty warriors, keeping their barbaric power passed down from the ancient warrior tribal era. Their use of heavy weaponaries is unmatched.

Berserker Abilities

Knight 🛡️

Knights are trained warriors, with refined mastery of one-hand weapon and shield. Their battle skills are matchless.

Knight Abilities

Priest ✝️

Priests are the holy mages with abilities to heal, boost and strengthen the avenger's crew. They played a pivotal role in the sacred fight against demonic monster lords during the ancient quest.

Priest Abilities

Archmage 🧙

Archmages are an alchemist of magical properties, their dark magics and spells bring together massive power of elements. They are able to damage multiple monsters with their sophisticated skills.

Archmage Abilities

Ranger 🏹

Rangers are master marksmen. Their archery skills are divine and beyond expression.

Ranger Abilities

Assassin 🗡️

Assassins are trained to sneak the enemy and deliver a lethal stab. Their dexterity and swiftness are unparalleled.

Assassin Abilities

So far, we have covered how basic abilities play different roles for each of the classes.

We hope you get a better idea of what gears to choose to strengthen your hero. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us via our social media channels and Telegram chat group. We are here to help.


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