'Crypto Sword & Magic' Item Options Introduction


3 years ago

In the world of 'Crypto Sword & Magic', items are essential parts of the game play. There are more than 300 items and even more combination of options that these items can come with. These options increase your heroes' various abilities, including magical attributes like elemental forces, status effect and many more.
You will learn more about these item options in this blog!!

Options to enhance Basic Abilities

There are 5 basic attributes you will need to know to venture in this world of 'Crypto Sword & Magic'. They are Dexterity, Hit point(Hp), Intellect, Luck, Strength. Your hero's quest to defeat the rogues will depend on these attributes and you will be able to pick up items that enhance these abilities. These options may attribute a bit differently depending on what type of hero you have chosen to be. But these are the secret formula for your combat abilities during the gameplay.

Basic Abilities

And these basic abilities form the basis for the secondary abilities. It is variable across each class but they have a correlation with these abilities as shown below.
STR — P.Atk, P.Def INT — M.Atk, M.Def DEX — Avoidance, Hit, MIN P.Atk, MIN M.Atk/Def LUK — Cri, Avoidance, MAX Atk …

Options to enhance Combat Abilities 🗡️

If you got an item with below options, you are lucky. You will gain tremendous help in combating with a horde of demonic monsters and protecting yourself from their rogue attacks. These items will bring your already formidable combat skills to the next level and let you outshine other players in the quest to defeat evil monsters.

Combat Abilities

Options to enhance your elemental skills 🌊

In order to survive in the world of 'Crypto Sword & Magic', you must be able to leverage different elemental forces. For example, some monsters may throw you into the endless flame, using their fire elemental power. Armed with weapons and armors with elemental resistance, your hero will have no fear. You may come across items that have elemental attacking capabilities as well as resistance. You will be able to leverage the elemental options in your item to crush the monsters. There are 4 elemental capabilities: Air 🌬️, Earth 🌳, Fire 🔥 and Water 💧.

Elemental Abilities 🌊

Options related to Status Effects (Buff/Debuff) ☠️

Confusion, Taunt, Silence and Poison 🕷 : The world of 'Crypto Sword & Magic' is teeming with dark magics. These magics will come at your way to prevent you from conquering the evil. You must equip your hero with items that guard against these roguish tricks and counter these malefic assaults. These items will come with options to evade/resist and even leverage the very magical tricks to confuse, poison, taunt and silence the monstrous evils.

Status Effects 🌀

Options for Special skills (Mostly in Legendary items⚔️)

These special skills are extremely rare to find and powerful in the world of 'Crypto Sword & Magic', thus only for those valorous warriors. They are mostly found in legendary sacred artifacts, boon for the warriors and nightmare for the demons. If you possess these legendary gems, your hero will be empowered by the holy spirits to vanquish the ferocious monsters and shatter the evils.

🔥 Special Skills 🏹

Legendary item with special skills ⚔️

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