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BLOCKLORDS is the first online grand strategy game where players will fight for ultimate power against other lords in the realm. Raise up your hero, amass powerful armies, and conquer foreign lands! In this second article, we will be taking a look at items, how to use them, and how to take advantage of their potential as you strengthen your path towards an epic victory!


Once you register your BLOCKLORDS account, a randomized hero will be created. This Hero will have his own name, appearance, traits, and a set of 5 equipped items. Items can be equipped or unequipped in the Hero Profile by opening the Inventory.


Items are equipped by heroes and will improve stats accordingly depending on quality. The 5 types of items are Helmet (Boosts Intelligence), Armor (Boosts Leadership), Gauntlets (Boosts Speed), Weapon (Boosts Attack), and Shield (Boosts Defense). Items can be acquired in multiple ways, either crafted in the forge, bought in the shop or purchased from other players.

Item EXP will determine the Level of each item. Each level increase will boost the stat value of an item by 1 point. The maximum level for any given item is determined by its Quality.

Item Quality ranges from common to legendary, and will determine the max level of a given item. Quality cannot be changed and will always remain the same, so seeking out high-quality items and leveling them up will give your hero a significant edge on the battlefield.

Item Generation is an indicator of when this item was minted. Generation 0 items mean that they are legacy items that were created in previous versions of BLOCKLORDS. Gen-1 or later means that they are more recent. The older an item’s generation is, the more value it will have inside the game across multiple systems.


The Item Forge is where players can use Resources to craft items. The forge can be accessed anytime by visiting a nearby city. Once inside the forge, players can choose to add any amount of resources. The system will then randomly generate a number of items varying in rarity. Once the player forges the item, he will receive one randomly picked item from the preview pool.

The Shop will periodically have limited edition edition items for sale. These items will be purchasable with LORDS, the in-game currency of the BLOCKLORDS universe.

Blockchain users will be able to Import their NFT heroes from the Ethereum network using the Matic Network gateway bridge. Likewise, heroes can also be Exported and sold for real money via NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. When a player imports an NFT Hero to his account, he will also gain access to the 5 items that this hero is equipped with.

Blockchain connected users will also have access to an Item Market where their items can be listed for a set price in an ERC-20 cyptocurrency. This will allow players to directly monetize their gaming time if they are able to acquire a sought-after item.

This is just a glimpse at how items will work within the BLOCKLORDS universe. Be sure to follow to get all the latest updates as the game gets closer and closer to launching and ushering in a new era of financially incentivized gaming!

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