CardMaker Alchemy room(Card Maker):Create cards in it


3 years ago

Player can design cards through the Alchemy room

Making cards

You can set up the image, special effects, background color, attributes and so on.

The current version of the production is as follows:
Target classification includes: enemy side, our side, single, all, front, back, etc.

AP(0-3 points) is the consumption of card playing

Element Attributes: None, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth Attributes
Effectiveness: Damage, Heal, Armor.

The basic CAKE consumption for card making is 2500.
Other different settings will have corresponding resource requirements.
The MP value of the current version of the card produced is the same as the FP value.

Card royalties:
As a major way for player to obtain CAKE.
Cards can receive royalties from other players or transfer consumed CAKE to other players.

Only when the card is made successfully can the card receive the subsequent royalties.

The flow of CAKE consumed by each card production is as follows:
Since resolving card will return 50% of CAKE in Cake Town, which is 0% in Nature Town,  other resources will be converted into regenerative energy of magic land and will not be returned.
If there is no royalty circulation when the card is made, the remaining will be used as the income of town construction.

Give an example:
Player A produces the first card with data X, and the income of town construction is 50%.
Player B produces the second card of the same data. Player A can get 25% CAKE from player B's production cost and 50% - 25% = 25% of town construction income.
Player C produces the third card of the same data. Player A can get 25% CAKE from player C's production cost. Player B can get 5% CAKE from player C's production cost. Finally, the income of town construction is 50% - 25% - 5% = 20%.
By analogy, the income of town construction is only 5%.

Cooperative card making

In the process of card making, it is necessary to fill in designated resources, so it is possible to apply to other players for sponsorship.
When an application is sent, the application message will be received through the chatting page in the town.

Subsidy rates for sponsoring individual resources in cooperative card making:

The amount of return available for sponsorship on a daily is related to the level of alchemist:

The income of cooperative card making consumption to town construction is: 1 - decomposition return rate -  sum of royalties = 5%.
Cooperative card making still enjoy copying effect and royalties.
The maximum member of cooperative card making is 4.

Production ranking

In the production ranking, you can view data of the most number of cards duplicated and the owner of the first card.

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