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Story Mode (Mod) is a collection of a series of Stages, in which players can explore and receive a series of resource awards.
Each module has a role and card Fight power (FP) limit.

Activate mode

Players can use CAKE to activate modules (there are modules that do not need CAKE)
Each player activates the module, automatically injects a resource into the resource pool of this module, so that later players can also get.
40% resources will be injected into each module's resource pool.
50% resources will be injected into each module's treasure box (100% of the subsidy Award for treasure box during the event).
10% resources as the construction income of town.

Mode resource pool

Each mode resource pool is naturally generated and limited, depending on the player's mining speed. Players who clear stage first will get more resources and awards.
Different modes have a limited number of bonus per day and reset at midnight.
With the further mining of modules, resource pools will gradually exhaust and develop to new modules.

Treasure box

When the player's exploration rate of the mode reaches 75%, he can get the treasure box. Each player can only receive it in mail once.

In the same mode, the degree of exploration increases with each new level completed.

Give an example: Module A has a total of 20 stages. Exploration degree + 5% for each level clearance.

Exploration mode

When the mode is activated, it can be explored indefinitely.
Exploration modes consume a certain amount of energy every day, and can be explored indefinitely on the same day.
Energy consumption reset at midnight.


Each mode consists of several stages.
There are many types of stages. At present, they are classified as follows.


Some battles will be provided by the system with roles or cards, rather than the player's own.
You can get some motivation after winning.


Choice is different and reward and follow-up direction is also different.

CardMaker module route analysis:
Like some classic games, CardMaker's module currently uses the "map fixed, event random" model.
All the choices in the module are divided into three routes, corresponding to fixed stage.
However, each stage will contain a series of random events, there will be only one fixed event, these events may be reused in multiple levels.
The categories of rewards in each event are also fixed (such as resources, cards, roles)

When a player make a choice, the location of it determines the route, not what happens.
So there will be the feeling of random route and no levels.

Generally speaking, as long as the route chosen is correct, certain key battles or events will be encountered.

For example, if a BOSS is encountered in module A after selecting the order of 1-3-1-2-1, then no matter how the events in the five stages are generated, the next routing 1-3-1-2-1 will still encounter the BOSS.
Progress represents the number of levels explored, and unless updated, the total number of levels remains the same.

Competition Season

It is available only in Cake Town now.

Players can choose whether or not to activate Season Mode (to distinguish from the Normal Mode, you must click to activate).
Once the Season Mode is activated, the module will have a Season Progress and reset the exploration from the first level.

When the level is explored, the progress can increase mods, and can skip after the battle is won.
Once a Season Mode is activated, there is no way to cancel or go back to the normal.
Exploring in Normal Mode or Season Mode will mine resources from pool.

The season will reopen in 14 days.
The duration of each season is 10 days, and the award will be settled after the duration.
At the end of the season, the player's progress in the current module is stored in Normal Mode.

Each module has a different season reward, which is divided according to the number of all-clear players,here is the data:

The resources that are rewarded based on the allocation ratio are integer.
Awards will be distributed by mail at the end of the season.
When in Season Mode, the exploration of "levels not passed in Normal Mode" will also be counted into the progress of Normal Mode to obtain the treasure box.
(example: player A explores a new level 15 in the Season Mode of module X, and the progress will be recorded in Normal Mode too.)

The original rank in Normal Mode is retained, and the first season award will be issued directly, which is apportioned according to the ranking data.
The season bonus will be deducted from the module resource pool. If the bonus allocated is larger than the remaining resources in the pool, the remaining resources will be allocated in proportion to the data.

If the rank in Normal Mode is not full, the newest player in Season Mode will also be recorded after it (but will not receive an additional bonus after this update).

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