CardMaker My Team: Roles fight for you


3 years ago

Team is where players manage roles.
The role in the game is not only a weapon for battles but a prop for mining.

Battle Roles Management

In My Team, switch the OFF and ON on the right side of the role to manage the roles in the battle. The minimum number of combat roles is 1, and the upper limit is 3.

Role details

FP(Fight Power):
Comprehensive of role gaming ability.

MP(Mana Power):
Card mining ability.

HP(Hit Point):
It affects the survivability of a role. In a battle, when the role's HP is zero, the role falls. When all the roles of one side fall, the other side wins.

It influences the defense endurance of the role.

In battle, it is an important strategic mechanism. Roles are divided into front and back row roles. Most cards are used from the front by default, so the front rows are usually have higher DEF than the back ones. The innate role in the back row can give an extra action point (AP) +1 for each round, and the default action point is 3. Therefore, the protection of the back row is particularly important. For example: Player A carries two back row roles, and one front row role in the battle, then the action points of each round are 3 + 2. When one back row role of Player A falls, the action points of each round are 3 + 1.

Role's natural element attributes are divided into five attributes of Fire, Water, Wind,Earth and None, among which they restrain against each other.
(More details: CardMaker Combat system:Classic card battles

Sharing of Role CAKE:

At everyday midnight, the CAKE income on the previous day is settled. The mechanism is as follows:
The daily CAKE output of role is constant according to the total amount of each element, which is 12000 cakes per element, shared by whole town.
The calculation formula is: the sum of a role's MP of this element of PlayerA / the sum of a role's MP of this element of whole town
Sharing will be check through the daily mail.

For example:
Role quality will have a positive addition to the final MP settlement:

The number of roles that exist (depending on the town) will have an inverse addition to the final MP settlement:

PlayerA has None attribute role MP for 161000, 110% bonus to legend quality, and the total in town is 300, which bonus is 150%, it is concluded that PlayerA has actual MP is 531300, all town None attribute role total MP on the day is 3000000, so PlayersA will have CAKE: 531300/3000000 * 12000 CAKE = 2125.2

Ash Power bonus:

Initial Ash Power is 1000 which can be filled at the lower left corner.

Sharing will deduct certain Ash Power.
Each town will share 900 Ash Power per day based on each element, and 6 Ash Power for each player.
Ash Power cost of one player on that day = Role MP of this element of player on that day / total Role MP of this element of town on that day in integer.
The more CAKE you get, the more Ash Power you consume. When Ash Power is less than 0, the CAKE is obtained according to the percentage of the CAKE deduction and deducted.

For example:
In Cake Town, PlayerA has 1000 MP of Fire Element role, and 500000 MP of all fire Fire Element role in Cake & Nature Town. Finally, PlayerA needs to consume Ash Power = 1000 / 50000 * 900 + 6 = 24
Ash charge is limited to 20,000 points.

Impact of Ash Power on CAKE output:
0-0, 0% of CAKE production 1-2000, 100% of CAKE production 2001-MAX, 150% of CAKE production

You can get ashes through role resolving, role synthesis, card resolving, card melting, sponsor card, sponsor workshop, etc.

Role synthesis

In the synthesis page, two identical roles (including the same roles with same stars) can be synthesized.
After synthesizing, the original role will be destroyed, and the synthesized role's star + 1, MP will be added together with an additional bonus.

All FP will be increased by a certain percentage. CAKE, MP, and Elements are needed. The formula is as follows:
Required CAKE = base MP value of the role * (2 ^ star number) Required MP = base MP value of the role * (3 ^ star number) Required Element = base MP value of the role* (2.5 ^ star number)
The base MP value of role is the MP value when the role is 0 stars.
Synthesized role star+1

After role synthesis, FP, HP and DEF are upgraded, and the upgrade formula is as follows:
The base value * (1.2 ^ current star number).
The MP value of role synthesis will be increased, and the promotion formula is as follows: base MP value * (2 ^ current star number)* (1 + 0.05 * current star number)

For example, RoleA has base FP of 10,000, HP of 100, base DEF of 10, and MP of 20,000.
FP = 10000 * 1.2 ^ 3 = 17280, HP = 172, DEF = 17. MP = 184000
It will not fail. It can be safely carried out.
All roles are initially from 0 stars. Roles can be synthesized from 0 stars to 9 stars (full stars) All roles can be traded.

Role resolving

The CAKE obtained from the role resolving is (base CAKE of role + CAKE required to synthesize into the current star) * the resolving return rate
Among them, the resolving return rate of CAKE Town role is 75% (CAKE flows into town construction is 25%, and player experience is 25%); Other towns are 0% ( CAKE flows into town construction is 100%, players experience is 100%)
(Note: role resolving does not return roles or other resources)

Resolving will be based on the role's MP, getting 1 Ash every 100 points.
Synthesis will get 1 ash every 50 points based on the role MP of the synthetic result.

Role sale

In the details of the role, the role can be sold to the market for other players to buy. When the roles are put on the shelves, 3% of the price tax will be deducted as the income of town construction. Roles have no time restrictions and can be removed at any time.

Role purchase

In the trade market, players can check the details of the role and select the role to buy. In the role details in the role market, click Buy to get the role.

Sealling Power: Full Star Experience

It is available only in Cake Town.
Allow players to experience the effects of all roles.
Different roles will need seal different amounts of element essence to activate the full star experience. The number of seals required ranges from 2 to 64.
The full-star status experience will only take effect by being carried in the cleared level, and the un-cleared level is normal status(for example, the experience of Mr.N will not take effect). After the seal is withdrawn, the full-star status disappears and the essence of the element will be returned to the bill and sealed for 7 days.

Note: A seal effect only works for the same role. For example: 1 star Goblin and 2 stars Goblin are similar role, Jaina and 【Remains mirror】 Jaina are different roles.Note: The experience will only become full stars, no other star settings.Note: By any behavior such as decomposition, which leads the number of roles become less than 1, the effect will be released by default, and the essence of the element will be returned to the bill until the role number is greater than 1 then re-open the experience.

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