1,500,000 WIN Tokens Giveaway by Dapp.Review


1 year ago

Leading Gambling Platform with 1,500,000 WIN Giveaway!

WINk is the largest high-performance e-gaming platform on the Tron (TRX) blockchain.

WINk was the first Dapp ever launched on TRON and has become the leading Dapp in terms of both user numbers and transaction volume.

Here's a chance to earn some money easily. Stake your WIN and get daily dividend or sold them to make a quick buck.
Whatever you choose, you need gain some WIN first.

JOIN and WIN 1,500,000 WIN TOKENS !

1st Prize: 1,000,000 WIN - worth 15000 TRX
2nd Prize: 250,000 WIN - worth 3750 TRX
3rd Prize: 150,000 WIN - worth 2250 TRX

We will give prize randomly to the top 3 users.

We will also pick up 2 users to giveaway 50,000 WIN, if your entries more than 500

If any questions, please contact admin at DappReview's telegram group.

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