Prospectors Academy. Resources. Part 2


3 years ago

Gold is not the only resource available for the Prospectors citizens. There are other resources as significant as gold. Resources can be divided into two type’s: above ground (stone, wood) and underground (gold, iron ore, clay, coal).

All raws except gold can be processed, used in production and construction.


Gold is not just the most valuable resource, but also an in-game currency. You need gold to pay rent and salaries, to buy stuff and technologies. Using a Gold Mine, you can increase the efficiency of gold mining.

Iron ore
Iron ore is a necessary resource to start the production of tools. With an Iron Furnace, can melt iron ore to get steel blocks, steel plates, and nails. Using an Iron Ore Mine, you can increase the speed and efficiency of iron-ore mining.

Clay is a common and readily accessible resource. Using a Brick Workshop, you can produce bricks and tiles to provide materials for construction. Using a Clay Quarry, you can increase the speed and efficiency of clay mining.

Coal is a necessary fuel for the Iron Furnace to process iron ore and for the Brickyard to bake bricks and tiles. Using a Coal Mine, you can increase the speed and efficiency of coal mining.

Wood is a highly demanded resource. You can build various wood constructions from raw wood or use it for tools and vehicles production. Using a Sawmill, you can process the raw wood to make wooden elements.

Stone is a reliable, practical and accessible material. You can use raw stone in construction. Using a Stone Workshop you can manufacture stone blocks and stone plates.

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