Prospectors Academy. A plot. Part 4


3 年以前

A plot is a land unit in Prospectors, and the map is divided into plots. To go to a plot, click on its image on the map.

Plots can be free, yours, rented by other players and blocked. Every land parcel has its own coordinates. We use them for plot identification or search. You can also give your plot a name, which makes it easier for you or another player to search for that plot.

Free Plot

A free plot is a land parcel, which has not yet been rented by anyone. Anyone can extract resources here or take things from here. Such land is available for rent. If a player wishes to begin construction, you must first rent the plot.

Own plot

A plot, which belongs to you on lease rights. All resources, refined materials, tools placed here are yours as long as you pay the rent. You can also begin construction on a plot that you have rented.

Plot rented by other players

Although you can visit a plot rented by another player, you have no right to mine or build on that plot. You cannot take anything from that plots storage unless you have already bought those goods. If anything is on sale on the plot, you can buy what you need. Also, if the owner of the land parcel is looking to hire any workers, any jobs available will be posted there.

Blocked plot

If someone missed a payment, his plot will be arrested and then confiscated. Those arrested land parcels are blocked plots.

Objects on a plot:

Above-ground resources

Stone and wood are referred to as “above-ground resources” and you can see them on the map. The amount of those resources on the plot is known.

Four deposits of underground resources

There are four possible deposits of underground resources on each free plot.

The resources and quantity will be known only after someone conducts research on that plot.

You can conduct the research of deposits of all resources, except gold, with the appropriate tools or with bare hands. A Quarry or mine can be constructed above the deposit to improve the efficiency of mining. So after you make the building, you will be able to extract the proper resource using just this building.

"For Rent" board

If you see a “For Rent” board on a plot, this plot is free and available to rent. Click on it to rent the plot and have the exclusive rights for mining, building, secure storing or to make business there. In the “For Rent” window, you can look over the current market price for the plot and rent it for the chosen period.

You should continue to pay the rent on time. Otherwise, your plot will be arrested and then confiscated.

"Jobs" board

All current jobs located on the plot are listed here. You can check out the details of each task, for example, the salary and duration, and then hire your worker for any job for a period you chose.

Local storage

All extracted resources, materials, and tools from this plot are stored here. Only the owner of the rented plot has the right to use the storage. If the land parcel is a free plot, then all stuff left here will appear in the local storage and anyone can look over its contents. Anyone can take things from the storage on a free plot. If you are extracting resources on a plot, they will appear in the local storage of that plot.

The total amount of local storage is limited. You can move anything from the storage to the backpack, sell or use for your purposes.

Hut for workers

Click on the hut to see all the workers who are on the plot at the moment, Here will be displayed not just your workers but workers of other players too.

Building on a plot

A building plot is a place where you can construct a building and appears on the land parcel after it has been rented. A player can construct only one building on a plot. If the parcel has above-ground resources, the construction will be possible only after the land is cleared from stone and forest. Click on the building plot to go to the Academy, and choose which architecture to construct.

Every plot has a place just for one building, each with some useful purpose. Some of the buildings, like mines and quarries, are for resources extraction while other buildings are for processing raw materials. There are also buildings for manufacturing tools and vehicles.

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