Prospectors Academy. Workers. Part 5


3 years ago


There are three workers under your control. They do all the dirty work: extract raw materials, carry cargo, construct buildings and produce tools or refined materials. You can give tasks to your worker or make him work for another player. To control the worker, click on the proper icon.

Worker window

Characteristics Tab

Here you can look at the characteristics of your worker: movement speed, load capacity.

Find out where the worker is located, what he is doing, and who his owner is.

Also, you can rename your worker if you want to.

Backpack Tab

Every worker has a backpack, where he stores tools and raw materials. Backpack capacity is limited. Aside from the backpack, a worker can only carry one tool in each hand and drive +a vehicle. Click on the Backpack tab to learn what tools and raw materials the worker is carrying or move items in and out of the backpack.

To make the worker use a tool to fulfill a task, first put the tool in his hand. If he’s already holding a tool, click “Put aside” to remove the current tool so that he is able to equip the new one.

Fast access buttons

On the left side of each workers icon are three fast access buttons. Use them to fulfill these common tasks:
  • direct worker to the chosen location;
  • pass tools or other items to another worker on the plot;
  • show the location of the worker.

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