How to make a powerful start in Prospectors


3 years ago

There are a lot of ways to succeed in the Prospectors reality and searching for gold is maybe the obvious one, but sometimes not the easiest. We suppose you think a lot about what the winning strategy in the game could be and how to avoid loses during the very first days of the prospectors’ world existence. Today we’ll give a few hints, so you’ll be more confident when you make the first step on the gold seekers land.

Unite with other players

Every process in the game takes time. You have to make multiple steps to reach any goal. For example, you need to build a few buildings to make a high-quality tool or vehicle. So it’s much easier if you have someone you can count in the game. It doesn’t matter, whether you come in Prospectors with your friends or form a team with your neighbors on a map, whether you work together as a union or cooperate in some cases — any task will be done much faster together.

For example, you are planning to construct a building on your plot. You need to gather all the necessary resources, materials, and tools. Some of these are made from wood other from stone or clay. If you have your teammates near, they can help you to get everything much faster. Some of them could give you workers or sell you wood at a reasonable price; others bring clay bricks, or whatever you need. Or another case; you need to finish some urgent job, you can ask your colleagues to send workers to you. So everything happens much faster and with a way better result.

Another point is that moving workers or transporting cargo takes time. So it’s critical to have an opportunity to buy or sell what you need in your neighborhood. It’s great for time-saving and you don’t have to go through all the map to get what you need.

Build your strategy, stick to your course

We want to reiterate, every process in the game takes time. Therefore it’s better to form your strategy at the start. Try to think about what do you want to do in Prospectors, what will citizens need the most. Analyze, what resources you have and how you can use them. Whether you decide to extract clay and produce bricks, transport cargoes for other players or cut wood, go to your goal step by step. Stick to your course and don’t waste time on needless moves.

Any game asset will give an advantage at the start

Any game asset will be a great advantage at the beginning. It takes a few days to produce the first tools. Gold Pan is an even more rare tool — to get that, you should build a tool workshop first. Without a gold pan, you cannot see if there is gold on the plot. So at least a Starter Set or Researcher’s Set will give a good boost at the start. With these assets, you’ll be able to do different kinds of work and discover gold deposits earlier than others. If you get any other assets during the auction, be sure that they’ll help you have a powerful start.

Try to rent the best plot you can find

The amount of land plots on the map is limited. So try to rent the best plot of land you can find. Pay attention that the number of each resource can vary on different plots. And please, do not forget that you will be able to build on the plot with above ground resources (wood and stone) only after you extracted them. If you are lucky enough and there are several resources on your parcel, you have the opportunity to choose between different types of activities, and even if the stock of one of the raw material is exhausted, you can change your strategy and work with another one.

Also, it is essential to rent a plot near your friends or get to know neighbors and build good relationships with them. Cargo transportation takes a lot of time, so it’s better to be near your colleagues.

Be the first, be the best

As was mentioned before, those inhabitants who manage to build the necessary buildings first and establish production will be seriously ahead of their competitors. They will be able to rent good land, to sell the items they create, while the demand for tools, materials and other products will be crazy at the beginning. So don’t waste time, try to keep your workers busy. And feel free to hire additional workers to keep your pace.

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