2,000 USD BTC/BCH/LTC/BET giveaway by dapp.review


1 year ago

Leading Gambling Platform EOSBet with free BET Giveaway!

EOSBet is a provably fair licensed casino on the EOS blockchain accepting multiple cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, BCH & EOS).

EOSBet will distribute 100% of the house profit to circulating BET tokens.

EOSBet introduction video (http://youtube.com/watch?v=kF5hewZ_IFs)

Currently you can get BET tokens by playing the games on EOSBet.io: Dice/Crash/Baccarat/HiLo/Golden Ticket
Or directly buy some on Binance.org or Newdex.io.
Holding BET tokens will receive dividends in BTC, EOS, BCH and LTC every second, for life.
Here's a chance to earn some BET tokens easily and for free.


1st Prize: 0.1 BTC - worth 1000 USD
2nd Prize: 1 BCH - worth 300 USD
3rd Prize: 1 LTC - worth 70 USD

We will also give 30*100 BET (300 USD) randomly to the 30 lucky participants, if you join and finish all the tasks.
*the giveaways will be deposited into your EOSBet.io account, you can withdraw it to your personal wallet or exchange*
Make sure you have registered an account on EOSBet  (NOT scatter/eos address) and input in the entry on giveaway page.

If any questions, please contact admin at EOSBet telegram group.

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