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BLOCKLORDS is the first online grand strategy game where players will fight for ultimate power against other lords in the realm on their quest for true glory in real time. Raise up your hero, amass powerful armies, and conquer foreign lands! In this third article, we will be taking a look at troops, how they are recruited, and how to use them to your advantage on the battlefield!


Player starts out with a small army to start their journey with. Troops are used during battles to attack enemies and will be removed from your army when they are killed. Battle outcome is determined by many factors, such as commanding hero, stats, and morale. But Troops play quite a significant role in determining battle outcomes and you should get familiar with its nuances.


Troops can be refilled in your Base. If you don’t have a base yet, building one should be a top priority for that very reason. Using the Recruitment Slot, a player can recruit all currently available types of troops using Resources (mainly wheat). Recruited troops can be deployed either to your hero armies or to defend your base.

Troops can be recruited and stored in the base.

Each Hero you currently own can hold one type of troops that are deployed on the field. Troops can be switched out in the base or directly in the Hero Profile. In order to switch out the current troop type, a hero must be stationed at his base. If your base is destroyed, players will lose all extra troops currently on reserve inside the base.


New Troop Types can be unlocked through Research. Researching requires resources and will take a set amount of time once the research has begun. Certain troop types will only be available once the player has upgraded his base to the required level. Once a troop type has been researched, it can be recruited and stored in the base. If a player’s base is destroyed, researched troop types will still be available if a new base is built on the map.

The research tree is used to unlock troop types.

There are 14 types of troops currently available in BLOCKLORDS:

Peasants are the starter troops. Cheap and plentiful, they will not turn the tide of battle with their skills but you can always count on them to defend their lands when required.

Pikemen are trained infantry effective against cavalry but weak against infantry and archers.

Axemen are a medium infantry troop effective during siege battles but come at a high cost.

Swordsmen are heavy infantry troops with high defense and damage, but are costly and slow.

Cavalry Scouts have high movement range and low recruitment cost, but low attack and defense make them a liability during battles.

Heavy Cavalry have high attack and defense, but are slower than scouts.

Steel Knights are the medieval version of tanks. While slow and very expensive, they will do enormous damage against most types of troops and are hard to take down.

Mounted Archers have the benefit of being able to move quickly and attack from far away, but will not put up much of a fight if the enemy catches up.

Bowmen are the basic ranged unit. Cheap to recruit, they can attack from a distance but have very low defense.

Longbowmen are long-range archer units that can strike from far away and deal a lot of damage. They cost a lot and will take a long time to recruit.

Crossbowmen are mechanized ranged unit with high damage and high defense, but a closer fire range than other ranged units.

Ballistas are a light artillery weapon that can strike high damage against infantry.

Catapult A mobile and effective artillery unit strong against units and buildings.

Trebuchet A slow but deadly artillery unit that can take down buildings easily.


Similarly to how Hero Stats work, each troop type will have its own set of stats that will affect how the entire army does on the battlefield. These stats work closely with the stats of your hero and Items, so be sure to pick the troop that fits best to give your army a boost. To get more detailed info about each troop type, the best way to do so is in the Troop Information Panel.

Troop stats will affect battle outcome significantly.

Attack determines the amount of damage given out during each attack.
Defense determines the amount of damage received from enemy attacks.
HP determines the amount of health for each troop in an army.
Speed determines the amount of attacks per turn.
Block reduces the damage percentage of enemy attacks.
Dodge increases the chance of evading an enemy attack.
Hit increases the chance of bypassing an enemy troop’s Dodge and Block.

Retinue Size determines the number of troops available for each leadership point of the commanding hero.
Recovery Speed determines how fast your army will recover troops while out on the field. Recovery troops are taken out from base reserves.
Movement Range determines how many blocks an army can travel in one move.
Move CD determines how long the army has to cool down before its next move.
Attack Range determines how far away an army can attack from.
Attack Cooldown determines how long the army has to cool down before its next attack.


Each troop type will have a Level which determines the stats of that troop. Players can level up troop types by earning Troop EXP. Troop EXP is earned through battles, tasks and special event rewards. Leveling up your favorite troop type will give you a distinct edge in battles.


Several colors will be available to choose from to determine the look of your troops on the battlefield. Colors can be changed in the Troop Information Panel. More colors and cosmetics will be available for troops as time goes.


This has been a brief overview of how troops will work in BLOCKLORDS at launch. Many additional features are planned and we can’t wait to share more info with you as we keep improving and refining the many features we have in store for our fans. If you have any questions about the game, or would like some additional info fleshed out in this article, please join the community and let us know. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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