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3 years ago


Crypto Fast is an amazing racing blockchain game based on NEO Blockchain. Presale just started. Players can have fun and get a chance to win a new Mustang GT2019! DappReview users also have a chance to get an AE86. Game:


ECT, the game token used to buy cars, was issued 1.46 billion. Because Crypto Fast runs on the NEO blockchain, all ECT requires NEO to exchange, and the exchange rules are as follows:

Players who enter early enjoy some first-mover advantage. The gameplay of Crypto Fast will become more and more interesting in the coming versions.

Basic Version

The basic version will be released in November, which will be a racing manager game that is similar to Football Manager. Players need to buy cars and parts, dressing cars up, sending cars to the racing matches.

There will be six cars in a race. Victory depends on strength and luck. Let's start with the strength part:

1. Racing Car:

In the pre-sale phase, players can buy 6 kinds of cars:

Ferrari 458, Mustang GT, McLaren P1, BMW M3, Benz AMG GTR, Porsche Carrera GT

The higher rating, the better performance. Of course, there aren't only 6 vehicles in the game, more vehicles can be unlocked in dungeons.

2. Auto Parts:

Parts are divided into four categories: paints, tails, wheels, and stickers. Each part has a corresponding rating. It makes your car unique and improves its performance.

Crypto Fast is not a pay2win game. If the only factor of victory is car's rating, that is too boring. So the game adds some random events to affect the outcome of the match. The whale player is not always the winner.

Crypto Fast also created a guessing center for the audience. Players not in the match can bet the match result.

Core Version

In the core version, the dungeon and mining will be added. Since the game store doesn't sell racing cars, players need to collect car fragments by racing in dungeon to get new racing cars. In addition to car fragments, dungeon drops car parts randomly as well. Players can sell their vehicles and parts to other players or keep them to build teams. Dungeon is essentially a racing competition, but the rival has been replaced by NPC.

In Crypto Fast, gaming is mining:

Refueling is mining: Taking part in competition consumes oil. All the money spent on oil, part of it goes into the car owner's reward pool, part of it goes into the oil company. Players get a certain amount of oil company stock for every successful refueling until all stock shares are paid out.

Trading is mining: Players need to pay a transaction fee to sell cars and parts in the trading center. The transaction fee that the exchange produces, 100% goes into the trading center. Completing trade is regarded as a mining behavior, and it can obtain a certain trading center stock.

Guessing is mining: Most of the players' guessing costs flow into the guess center, and a small part flows into the car owner's reward pool. Guessing cost which the players spent each time reaches a certain ECT value is regarded as completing an effective mining. Players will be rewarded a certain share stock of the guessing center. The ECT mining requirement will gradually increase with the number of stock releases.

Racing is mining: Through decentralized competition, 100% of the competition prize provided by advertisers will flow into the racing center, most of it will be used by participating teams to share the competition prize according to the ranking, and a small part will be used as the revenue of the competition center. Every contesting is successful mining, according to the ranking obtaining a certain racing center stock.

Players can get regular dividends with stock. Because Crypto Fast doesn't sell anything after presale, don't miss the chance.

DeFi Version

If you're not interested in racing, it doesn't matter. People are always interested in money. Crypto Fast will add DeFi version in January 2020 and create some game mechanics that rely on smart contracts:
  • Purchasing a car with a loan: Borrower can borrow money from another a lender to buy a car for 30%+(set by the borrower) of the price, lender players receive agreed interest payments in return. During the loan period, the smart contract holds the title of the car, the borrower has the right to use the car. When all principal and interest are paid off, the ownership of the car belongs to the borrower. If the borrower is unable to repay the principal and interest, the system automatically auctions the car to repay the lender. If the auction fails, the system will buy back the car in a certain percentage of the price, and the money will be repaid to the lender automatically.
  • Rent Car: Player A rents out his own car to player B. Player B gets the right to use the car and pays the agreed rent.
  • Mortgage: Player A mortgages his own car to player B and gets the money from player B. Player A can continue to use the car,but cannot trade or other behaviors which cause the property right object changing. A needs to pay the interest and redeem fee on schedule. When player A is unable to pay interest or redeem the car, player A's car ownership will go to player B, player B can sell the car or let the system buy it back.
  • Insurance: Players can insure and underwrite the value of the car between each other, the smart contract will match it, player A can be the policyholder or the insurer.

In fact, similar mechanisms are in real life. For example, a car loan. The car loan market with 6%+ annual interest is dominated by various car loan institutions and banks. There is no way to guarantee car loans between individuals. In the virtual world, DeFi's smart contract is a good solution to this P2P lending problem, and both parties must abide by the contract or be penalized.

Unlike real life, buying a car in Crypto Fast is a kind of financial management, even if you don't log in the game after buying a car, there will be interest income. The person who owns the car will continue to get the financial rebate. If player A sells the car to player B, player B get the rebate.

Coming Plans

In the coming version, the game will please players who like actions. They could finally win the game with their hands.

Manual mode will be released gradually. QTE (quick response events) is added at the beginning, for example, when the car is turning, the player needs to react quickly according to the random symbols of the buttons appearing on the screen to get the best drift time.

In addition to the QTE mechanism, the driver is also the key factor of the race. Drivers have different attributes in the game, for example, some drivers are good at maintenance, which can reduce the loss of racing cars. Some drivers are good at driving and can maximize the performance of the car. Drivers have their own advantages and disadvantages, there is no absolute all-around driver.

In follow-up version, Crypto Fast will open up more events, allowing players to form teams and compete. In the near future, players will be able to control the cars purely by hand and have a real contest.

Easycheers Community

In Crypto Fast, players can not only race, invest, but also create. For example, players can create their own the RGB color to paint the car and register it as a color patent. Other players need to pay a fee to use it.

Some players with a background in art can also design their own racing stickers. In the future, the game team will release more tools, so players can even design more games based on Crypto Fast.

What Crypto Fast team really wants to do is to build a vertical blockchain racing game community — Easycheers. This is a developing kit, platform, and community-based on the NEO blockchain and Laya game engine.

Mr. Zhou said, "Crypto Fast is a start. In the future, there will be a popular blockchain game made by the community, just like the DOTA is made by Warcraft 3 editor at the beginning."

Gold Union

Crypto Fast team and their two major partners LayaBox game engine and NEO blockchain. They form a gold union to guarantee the quality of Crypto Fast.

Layabox is the leading game engine in China and plays an important role in H5 games. H5 game is the best type to build blockchain games at present. Junyu Zhou was also hired as the CSO of Laya.Fairyland. It is win-win cooperation between the popular game engine and Dapp circle.

NEO is a blockchain values Dapp. NEO founder Hongfei Da is also very optimistic about Crypto Fast and hoping to cooperate with the Crypto Fast team to make perfect racing series Dapps based on Crypto Fast.

Core members of Crypto Fast are all from major Internet companies, such as Tencent, Netease, Huawei, etc. Many of them made several popular games.

Bonus Time

One raffle ticket is awarded for every 4000ECT(only buying cars)spent in the Pre-sale period. At the end of the pre-sale, if all 10k raffle tickets are activated, a 2019 Mustang GT will be the big prize. Third-party data (Nasdaq Composite index)is used as the luck draw parameter to guarantee fairness.

See the official website for details:

Crypto Fast made the Initial D AE86 in the game for Dapp.Review users! AE86 is only produced in the event! Who want to own AE86 please follow twitter @dapp_review to get more info.