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BLOCKLORDS is an award-winning grand strategy DAPP game. First released on the NEO and TRON blockchains, the game has proved itself as a top game in this field and is now ready to jump into a more scalable future as it debuts on the Ethereum blockchain with the new and improved BLOCKLORDS 2.0! This new version will include lots of new gameplay, faster transactions, and a greatly improved depth to attract strategy gamers from all walks of life.

Read more about BLOCKLORDS 2.0 in the White Paper!

In order to play the Early Access version tutorial, you will need a Metamask wallet. A trusted wallet within the Ethereum community, Metamask is a great way to store your ETH and NFT assets.

Once your wallet is installed and filled you have some ETH to spare, head to the hero page to check out the BLOCKLORDS NFT heroes that are currently on sale. Each hero comes equipped with different items, possesses unique combinations of traits, and has a title that will greatly affect hero wealth once the full game is released. Consider each option carefully before selecting a hero. To get more info about a hero, click on the one you like and you will be taken to his OpenSea page. Opensea is an NFT asset exchange where digital assets can be bought and sold.

Get your limited edition NFT hero today!

Once you’ve found the perfect hero for you, click on BUY. A Metamask transaction will appear automatically. If the transaction doesn’t appear by itself, click the little fox on the top right of your browser and the transaction should appear then. The first transaction will grant access to Opensea. Following that, you will get another transaction showing the price of the hero. Click confirm to purchase. Once your hero has been purchase, you can visit OpenSea to see him in your inventory.

If the purchase transaction doesn’t pop up after giving opensea access, try refreshing the page and clicking BUY one more time to trigger the purchase. Always make sure that the amount on the transaction is the same for the hero you selected. If you see any discrepancy in pricing between hero you clicked and transaction popup, do not hesitate to contact support at [email protected]

Early Access Tutorial

While development progress has been steady, a bit more time is still required before the new and improved version of BLOCKLORDS 2.0 can be fully released. But we still wanted to give our dedicated followers a chance to try out the game. In order to do this, we are now unlocking the new player tutorial to those players who already have an NFT Hero om their wallet. This will allow players to import their heroes via the LOOM gateway, and experience the key features of BLOCKLORDS for themselves. Players who try the early access version and check-in daily will also be rewarded with extra resource packs once the full game is released. Getting involved now will get you a lot of advantages as you build out your kingdom in the future!

Play the early access tutorial here once you’ve purchased your NFT Hero!

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