3 years ago

BLOCKLORDS is an award-winning grand strategy DAPP game set in medieval time where players take control of a brave hero and fight for supremacy, new items, and more resources! First released on the NEO and TRON blockchains in early 2019, the game has proved itself as a top game in this field and is now ready to jump into a more scalable future as it debuts on the Ethereum blockchain with the new and improved BLOCKLORDS 2.0! This new version will include lots of new gameplay, faster transactions, and a greatly improved depth to attract strategy gamers from all walks of life. In order to achieve these goals, the BLOCKLORDS team has partnered with the LOOM Network, a layer 2 solution that uses Ethereum as its base layer. Not only does that allow us to transfer digital game assets from Ethereum directly into the game on LOOM, it also allows us to make in-game transaction free and faster than ever before.

While development progress has been steady, a bit more time is still required before the new and improved version of BLOCKLORDS 2.0 can be fully released. But we still wanted to show players a glimpse of what we are working on. Therefore we are happy to announce that all players who have purchased an Ethereum NFT hero will gain access to the early access tutorial of BLOCKLORDS 2.0!

How To Play

Once you’ve acquired your first hero NFT, click here to access BLOCKLORDS 2.0. Loading may be a bit slow during the early access phase but will be optimized in the future. After clicking play, the page will load for a little longer to check whether or not your hero has been imported to LOOM yet.

To import your hero, click on IMPORT YOUR HERO. Your available NFT Heros should show up. Select the hero you wish to import. A small Metamask transaction should then trigger asking you to confirm sending your hero NFT to LOOM. A small GAS fee is attached to this transaction For security reasons, the LOOM Network requires a 10 block wait before transferring an NFT, so this process takes a few minutes. In future versions the tutorial will begin immediately to improve user experience, but during this early page players will have to wait.

Congratulations, your hero is now ready to invade the world of BLOCKLORDS! The early access tutorial should be pretty easy to follow and will give you a clear idea of how the core mechanics will work. The tutorial will walk you through hero movement, base building, bandit battles, resource collection and item crafting. Though these are the core mechanics of the game, BLOCKLORDS 2.0 will include a lot of additional feature when it is fully released by the end of the year.

Learn more about BLOCKLORDS 2.0 by reading the official White Paper!

Once players have completed the tutorial, a final pop-up window will appear. Players who check in will receive resource packs when the full game is launched, giving them a great advantage on the battlefield; the more times a player checks in, the more resources he will receive. From this window, players can also choose to replay the tutorial, or export the hero back to Ethereum if they wish to store their NFT there or even resell their hero on Opensea. As always, in BLOCKLORDS, the choice of what to do with your in-game assets is entirely yours!

We want to thank all our early followers and players for helping make BLOCKLORDS one of the top blockchain games currently on the market. While this early access tutorial is only available to ETH NFT holders, we will enable Hero transfers onto this version as soon as BLOCKLORDS 2.0 is fully launched to those players who wish to transfer from the NEO and TRON versions. We are also going to be hosting a lot of events in coming months with free NFT giveaways, so be sure to join our community to stay up to date with the latest news. If you experienced any bugs during the early access tutorial process, please do not hesitate to contact support at [email protected] and our team will do its best to resolve your issue as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

Get your NFT Hero and play the BLOCKLORDS 2.0 Early Access today !