3 years ago

Following an intense development cycle, the BLOCKLORDS team is thrilled to be releasing a closed beta version of BLOCKLORDS 2.0! Featuring a brand new strategic map with moveable heroes, base and stronghold buildings that generate resources, real-time PvP battles, and a unique item forge crafting system, the current iteration of BLOCKLORDS is a big improvement compared to previous versions of the game and is sure to draw attention from strategy gamers allover the world. Set in a medieval land fueled by strength, power and greed, players will have to use their wits to take their heroes to the top of the chain and become the ultimate lords. Are you ready to conquer enemy lands?

While the early access tutorial was only available to players who held hero NFTs, it is now available to anybody who would like to try BLOCKLORDS. Simply head to to get a feel of what the game will look like once it is fully released. If you like what you see, you can join our Closed Beta by purchasing a hero NFT. Hero NFTs can be purchased from our presale page, or directly on Opensea. Joining the Closed Beta will not only let you access an early version of the game including all the core features, but will also let you check-in every 8 hours to gain extra resource packs once the game is fully launched. This should give you a great head-start as you forge your empire.


BLOCKLORDS 2.0 is being built on the LOOM Network, a scalable layer -2 solution that will allow us to build a faster game with free transactions to our users. The LOOM gateway also makes it easy for players to get their NFTs to and from the Ethereum mainnet if they wish to sell their heroes on exchanges such as Opensea. Building the game on LOOM has proved to be a great choice for us and will also allow us to connect BLOCKLORDS 2.0 to existing versions on the TRON blockchain for example, as well as additional chains later on. The future of blockchain games lies in interoperability, and BLOCKLORDS is leading the way in this field. Since the early access version of BLOCKLORDS 2.0 launched in October, the game has consistently ranked in the top 5 in users for the LOOM network on data aggregators such as Dappradar. To celebrate this, two unique NFT heroes inspired by LOOM have been minted on Ethereum and have been put on sale. These unique Gen-0 heroes come with great items, traits, and stats, giving those who own them another strong advantage on their path to victory!

New Player Tutorial

In order for blockchain games to truly reach mass adoption, an emphasis must be placed on improving the experience for new users. This is something we haven’t prioritized in previous versions but that is at the forefront of version 2.0. Asking players to install a blockchain wallet such as Metamask and spending cryptocurrency before even trying the game is a lot to ask from new users, and something that we are now changing with this new update. Rather than having to install a wallet before even playing, new users will instead be taken through a tutorial that will teach the basics of the game. Following the tutorial, players can then decide if they wish to install a wallet and get an NFT or not. This is something we will keep improving with each future version of the game, and the plan is to make the onboarding exprience of all new players much smoother in the future, paving the way for many more users.

As version 2.0 of BLOCKLORDS is still in beta, there are some bugs to be fixed and features to be added. If players have bugs to report they can do so at [email protected] Players of the beta should be aware that all data such as hero resources, items, and buildings will be wiped periodically during the beta phase as we refine the game balance. We apologize for this and will reward beta players with resource boxes based on total check-ins. We look forward to getting feedback from the community as we keep improving our game and cement our place as the top grand strategy game in this field. The last year has been a greatly rewarding one and we can’t thank our community enough for pushing us to take the game to this level. Please join our community groups if you have any questions or suggestions and we will be sure to keep you posted as we continue development of this unique project.