10,000 TRX Tokens Giveaway by Xdapp


7 months ago

Highest ROI Gambling Platform with 10,000 TRX Giveaway!

Xdapp is the Highest ROI gaming platform with the highest weekly wager prize rewards on the Tron blockchain!

Being the most fair, transparent, secure and the best wealth sharing gaming platform has always been our goal.

Here's a chance to earn some TRX tokens easily and for free.

JOIN and WIN 10,000 TRX in Xdapp GIVEAWAY!

1st Prize: 4,000 TRX (Worth $70)
2nd Prize: 2,000 TRX (Worth $35)
3rd Prize: 1,000 TRX (Worth $18)
Except those 3 lucky guys, Xdapp will pick 10 participants randomly to giveaway 300 TRX (worth$5.5) each.

If any questions, please contact admin at Xdapp telegram group.

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