Crypto Dynasty: From EOS to Ethereum With a Custom Chain

Robert Hoogendoorn

2 years ago

Block Dynasty Limited is the company behind EOS Dynasty, the first player-versus-player role playing game on the blockchain. The game launched in May 2019 and over a year later it's still one of the most popular blockchain games. EOS Dynasty has now changed its name to Crypto Dynasty, and that's enough reason to sit down with Aaron, the CEO of Block Dynasty Limited, to talk about their project.

Currently the game attracts over 4 thousand daily active users, while there's almost 100 thousand dollars in weekly trading volume. It's quite remarkable to see a blockchain game still attracting a dedicated audience with relatively big numbers, while it's more than 12 months old. "It's about constant persistence and a bit of luck", Aaron admitted. Even though he underlines that it's really all about the players, and especially Asian users seemed to like EOS Dynasty.

In this economy-driven game players get the mine resources and create equipment. All items can be traded on a marketplace driven by smart contracts. The 4500 daily active players are making 120 thousand transactions per day with an average value of just below 3 dollar cents per transaction. Resources are the most common items in the game, while players are for example likely to pay a lot more for the unique rewards from a world boss.

"The economic model is at the core of a dapp game. If you don't do this correctly, you will lose users quickly", he explained. There are plenty of blockchain games that lost all their audience within the first six months of release. Even though EOS Dynasty attracted one of the biggest audiences in the blockchain gaming space, Aaron wasn't satisfied. According to him the number of users on the EOS blockchain is rather small, and therefore he wants to open up their game to a bigger audience.

From EOS to Ethereum
The result of this thought process is Crypto Dynasty. The game will be running on a new technical architecture. "It's a dedicated game chain that will host the game", the boss told Dapp.Review. This dedicated chain will allow for a smooth game experience without the need for gas fees. Aaron didn't reveal lots of technical details about the studio's solutions, but he did share his doubt about the scalability of Ethereum 2.0. "We have reservations about it", he said. Even though he admires the security, the amount of transactions per second is still too low to empower high-performance dapps.

Aaron wasn't willing to go really in-depth about their custom sidechain. For now it's a private chain and they are planning to release an explorer over time. At the moment the team has no plans to make their solution available to the public, nor do they have plans to allow third-party developers to use it. "It's only used for Crypto Dynasty", he said.

Gamers who have been active on the EOS blockchain won't be left in the cold. Aaron emphasized the studio's intention to create cross-chain economics. For example, all tokenized game assets and in-game tokens can be used across blockchains in the future. This includes the Three Kingdoms Token (TKT), and the Super God mounts that are currently on sale.

These mounts are non-fungible tokens that players can use to generate some dividend. In addition these are the only mounts that can be traded between players, and they can also move between different blockchains. This means that someone can buy the mount on the EOS blockchain, and then transfer it to Ethereum. In the future two more blockchains will be added. "It's hard to make a decision now, but we will always choose the next chain based on the market and the needs of our players", Aaron said.

The economy of Crypto Dynasty is the most important element of the game, and it's all about the TKT token. By earning or acquiring TKT, gamers earn a dividend from all in-game transactions. At the moment there are 23.969 token holders, who generally share a daily reward of approximately 140 EOS. However, the more TKT someone has, the bigger their share of the dividend. On the EOS blockchain Crypto Dynasty has shared 54 thousand EOS since last year. That's more than 148 thousand dollars.

When Crypto Dynasty goes live on the Ethereum blockchain, the economy of the game will open up to a whole new audience. Considering the current problems with gas fees, it looks like Aaron's sidechain solution for Crypto Dynasty will be crucial. Thousands of new gamers will soon become part of the virtual economy of Crypto Dynasty.