Flow will make Chainmonsters very user-friendly

Robert Hoogendoorn

2 years ago

Flow is an upcoming blockchain tailored for entertainment purposes. It's made by Dapper Labs, the company behind Cryptokitties. One of the companies working with Flow is the German game studio B-Side Games. Studio boss Max Weber and his team are creating a Pokémon-inspired massively multiplayer online role playing game called Chainmonsters. According to Weber the upcoming Flow blockchain will make things a whole lot easier for consumers.

Chainmonsters is a love letter to famous games like The Legend of Zelda and especially Pokémon. However, in this upcoming multi-platform game players will be playing all together. It will be a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which players need to unveil the mysteries behind a curious disease. All this while catching little monsters, which are lovingly nicknamed mons.

Chainmonsters has been in development for a few years already, and the game started on the Ethereum blockchain. Earlier this year there even was a short beta test on the Ethereum testnet. However, Weber wasn't satisfied. He wanted something that was easy to use for all kinds of gamers, giving his role playing game the chance to truly appeal to a mainstream audience.

Flow offers smooth users experience
"We've been looking at the Ethereum scaling solutions for a while, but even Plasma and other promising features we've been looking at since 2018 are not suitable for our use case", Weber said. On Ethereum the game only stored ownership and data from the collectible monsters, but on Flow players will be able to store all kinds of items, monsters and your customizable character.

Once players install Chainmonsters through Steam, they won't see anything regarding Flow. However, in the background they've already received a wallet. All items they receive will be stored as well. As soon as the player wants to sell items, they will be able to claim their account on the blockchain. Players won't notice anything of the blockchain while they are naturally playing the online role-playing game.

In addition the development team is working on the storage of achievements and story progression on chain. "If you spend hundreds of hours on your account and progressing through the story, you will be able to sell off your items, but also your account itself", the studio boss explained. He emphasized that the empowerment of users is an important feature of blockchain gaming.

However, Chainmonsters is still under development. In theory players can create multiple game characters, level up a character to the maximum level and then sell it off as an NFT on a public marketplace. "We are now actively developing this system. You can keep your account, but pretty much trade the progress you made", the German game developer explained.

Whether the in-game items from Chainmonsters will be worth hundreds of dollars or a few dollars, remains to be seen. Weber doesn't want to make that decision, and says it's up to the players to decide. However, he is adding seasonal events in the game. These events will bring their own loot, items and perhaps quests. It's very likely that items from seasonal events will become valuable as the game grows in popularity.

Introducing a season pass
The entire game will be available as a free-to-play title on PC and iOS, Android. Later on the Chainmonsters will also appear on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation consoles. Before all this happens, there will be a pre-sale on Flow for digital assets. This will also feature some rewards for people that supported the game financially in earlier stages of development. In addition there will also be a Kickstarter campaign later this year, which will be aimed at physical products only.

As soon as Chainmonsters is live on PC, Mac and mobile devices, B-Side Games will introduce a Season Pass. This gives players access to seasonal content, like additional items and rewards. Currently Weber is thinking about four Season Passes per year for about five to ten dollars each, but this is still subject to change. Nonetheless Chainmonsters is a long term project. " "We are looking to create a vivid and ever expanding experience for many years to come", Weber told Dapp.Review.

The reason why Chainmonsters is getting seasonal content, is because Weber believes that's the only way content can be accessible to everyone while also adding a sense of rarity. "Once the season is over, the only way to obtain these items is by going to the peer-to-peer marketplace", he explained. The German developer loves the idea of a player-driven marketplace, and players will be able to decide how much each item is worth. The German developer believes that's not up to him.

Chainmonsters is ready to launch on Flow, so the wait is for Dapper Labs to launch its network. The blockchain is planned for release somewhere this summer.