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BLOCKLORDS is the first online grand strategy game where players will fight real time battles against other lords in the realm on their quest for true glory. Raise up your hero, amass powerful armies, and conquer foreign lands! In this fourth article, we will be taking a look at buildings, how they are constructed, and how to use them to boost your resource production!


When players register an account and get their first hero, they will be placed on the map with nowhere to call home. The first step for any aspiring Lord should be to establish his own Base. The base is where players can manage Armies, Resources, and research new Troop Types.

Recruitment Slots are where players can recruit new troops. More slots will be available as you Level Up the base building. Stored troops within your base will be shown directly underneath the recruitment slots as shown below.

The Resource Panel shows how many resources your base is currently generating from occupied tiles. Unlike stronghold resources, these resources will be automatically added to your balance and do not need to be claimed.

The Defense Management panel shows how healthy your building walls are and how many troops are currently defending the base. If an enemy attacks your base, he will do damage to your walls first. Once wall strength goes down to zero, the enemy will damage defending troops.

Once an enemy destroys your wall and defending troops, he will be given a choice between raiding, plundering, or destroying your base. You will lose resources no matter which one he chooses and could lose all your buildings if he chooses to destroy it, so be sure to protect your base at all cost!


Once you've built your base and gotten familiar with everything within, it is time to build some Strongholds. Strongholds will generate resources every hour but unlike base resources have to be claimed manually by the player. Resources are a vital part of the BLOCKLORDS economy and crucial to create Items. A stronghold can only hold a set amount of each resource, but this limit can be raised by upgrading each stronghold to a higher level.

There are six types of strongholds that players can build:

Lumber Mills produce wood, which is an important crafting resource for buildings and items.

Quarries produce stone, which is mainly used for crafting and repairing defensive walls.

Farms produce wheat, which is mainly used for recruiting troops.

Steel Mines produce steel, an important item and building crafting resource.

Weavers produce cloth, which is an important resource for crafting fine items.

Gold Mines produce gold, a valuable all-purpose resource.

Strongholds also have defensive walls and troops that need to be assigned by the player in order to ensure protection. Losing a stronghold, especially a leveled up one, could have a huge effect on your resource production, so players should be sure to protect them at all times.


Bases and strongholds can be Upgraded by spending resources. When a building is upgraded, a construction timer will begin. Once the timer is done, the players will gain access to all perks of the newly upgraded building.

Upgrading a base will unlock additional recruitment slots, new troop types, stronghold buildings and affect overall resource production. Upgrading the base is the best way to progress through the game. If your base is destroyed, your new base will restart at level 1, so defending an upgraded base should be considered as a top priority to preserve your power.

Upgrading strongholds will generally increase the hourly production rate. A stronghold's max level is determined by the base level, so be sure to upgrade your base first if you want to boost your resource production significantly.


As previously mentioned, once an attacker wears out a building's defensive walls and troops, a popup will appear with 3 options. Each option will have a limited amount of attempts per day.

Raids will grant 10% of available resources. If the raided building is a base, it will give 10% of the enemy's total resources. If the building is a stronghold, it will give 10% of the unclaimed resources within that building.

Plundering buildings will grant 30% of available resources and work similarly to raids, but with fewer free attempts available per day.

Destroying gives a player the option to completely remove the enemy building from the map. If a stronghold is destroyed, 100% of the resources within will go to the player. Destroying bases will remove all of the enemy buildings from the map and grant the attacker 50% of his resources. To balance this and make up for the losses, destroying bases will cost a significant amount of LORDS, with 30% of it going to the defending player.


With BLOCKLORDS, players are going to take base construction into their own hands and will have to fend off real time attacks from other players. This will create a cut-throat environment where the stakes are real and payouts for success could be huge. Since resources will have in-game value, and heroes can later be exported and sold on the Ethereum blockchain, controlling the means of resource production could very well prove to be the key to sustainable gains. Learn to maximize your utilization of the land and you will become the ultimate lord!

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